Interested in science, robotics or electronic music?
We have a club for that.

Interested in science, robotics or electronic music? We have a club for that. Want to write news articles, produce TV shows or podcasts? We have a club for those as well. BWYA offers over 40 clubs and afterschool activities and we are adding more all the time, many of which are student led. We are sure that we can offer all of our students something that piques their interest outside of the classroom.

For our young learners clubs are offered at our Upper Primary Campus, with 12 clubs available although we are always happy to hear from parents and staff who would like to volunteer to host a club.
The examples below are just a taste of the after-school clubs on offer and what they get up to. For a full list of all our clubs and after school activities for the 2018/2019 academic year, just click here.

Roots & Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program was started over 20 years ago by world-renowned primatologist and naturalist Jane Goodall. BWYA’s Roots & Shoots club brings together students who share common values: love for animals, care for the community, and devotion to protecting the environment. Working as a team, club members educate themselves and the rest of the school on the hot topics of environmentalism and work hard to protect and improve our own community and environment.

Lego Robotics

If you thought Lego was just about multi-coloured building blocks for kids to play with, then you’ve never seen anything like a Lego Robotics tournament. The BWYA Lego Robotics Club knows just what you can do with the world famous mini-bricks and they have the trophies to prove it. Club members learn simple robotics and how to make machines and mechanisms, competing with other schools in challenges and competitions. Budding engineers will love this club.


Have you got a gift for getting your message across? BWYA’s famous Forensics club focuses on public speaking, debating and improvisation. There are five events in which students can participate: original oratory (writing your own speech), impromptu (receive a topic and prepare a 3-5 minute speech on the topic in under 90 seconds), debate (receive a topic and defend/oppose the topic with a teammate), duet acting (act out a scene with a partner), and oral interpretation (read a piece of literature dramatically). Forensics club members are always eager to improve their speaking and thinking skills and take part in competitions with other schools from Beijing and beyond.

Step Up Dance Club

If you love all things dance, the BWYA’s Step Up Dance Club will give you the opportunity to express yourself on stage, taking part in creative dance routines and even choreograph your own. The club performs at the December Talent Show each year and new members are always welcome to come and show off their moves.


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