Getting out of the classroom and making a difference to our community

Here at BWYA we believe that some of the best learning takes place when we get out from behind the desk, away from the classroom, and immerse ourselves in our local communities and cultures. By doing so our students have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt in the real world, as well experiencing some really important lessons that you can only gain from life experience.

To this end, our academic programmes all feature regular field trips and excursions cumulating in our annual Trip Week which sees students spend a whole week off campus each spring. For our older students, this includes week long trips around China and beyond.

The picture gallery below shows you some of the highlights of Trip Week 2016.

  • Singapore
  • Newark1
  • IPC4
  • IPC3
  • IPC2
  • IPC1
  • Grade9Yangshou
  • Grade9-3
  • Grade9-2
  • Grade9-1
  • Grade7-1
  • DP1 Changmai Annie


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