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Interdisciplinary Learning at BWYA

At BWYA we are trying to develop well-rounded students, who don’t just know facts, but can use their knowledge to inform all that they do. To that end, we’re very excited about interdisciplinary learning and how it is incorporated into both the IB programmes. To find out more we asked Jane Xia, [...]

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Fun Filled First Week at BWYA

It’s coming to the end of our first week back at BWYA! The K-Class have all met their new teachers and friends, the grade 6 and 7 students have finished this week’s special orientation, and all our returning students have been enjoying starting back at school again, seeing old friends, as well as making new [...]

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THIMUN 2017 – The Globe Through Singapore

On 21st November, members of BWYA's Model United Nations (MUN) Club traveled to Singapore for The Hague International MUN (THIMUN). Here, students Cherry Yan and Penelope Zhang, blog about their experiences. The Globe Through Singapore Writer: Cherry Yan (Club Member) Edited by: Penelope Zhang From 19th to 25th of November, BWYA sent twelve student delegates [...]

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MCF Club – BWYA Students Helping Others

Part of being active contributors to our society and communities is making sure we strive to do everything we can to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One way BWYA students have been doing this is through the BWYA MCF Club (Migrant Children’s Foundation). Club members get together to arrange activities and fund raising events [...]

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Blooms, Bugs and Biology

Here at BWYA we are firm believers that some of the best learning takes place when we get away from the classroom and out in the real world. To that end, our programmes include regular field trips to give our students the chance to put what they learn in the classroom into practice. Some of [...]

The Fools Who Dream Fundraising Concert

Some of BWYA’s talented Grade 10 musicians recently organised and performed in a special charity concert based on music from the Oscar winning movie, La La Land. Here, one of the organisers, Flora Tian, tells us about the experience.     Beijing World Youth Academy's Sophomore Students Present: The Fools Who Dream Fundraising Concert The Fools [...]

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Timeless Folk Tale Cinderella

BWYA student Penelope Zhang (G9Y) is a regular contributor to the Beijing Kids website. She recently wrote the article below about BWYA’s Spring Musical, Cinderella. You can view the original article at the Beijing Kids website. Who can forget the mesmerizing folk tale of Cinderella? Having been adapted for animation, musicals and plays, books, and [...]

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Poetry In Motion

BWYA’s talented Grade 6 poets have published their very own poetry anthologies which have now officially been included in the School’s library. The authors shared a little bit about their experience producing the books below. Well done all! Jessica Zhai (G6Y) At the beginning, this book was suppose to be a project in class but [...]

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China: My Second Home

BWYA Primary School student, Andy Rintaro Fukada (G5Y), recently wrote a wonderful essay about his second home China. His writing was entered into a national writing competition and we were so impressed we would like to share his piece with you here. Well done Andy! China: My Second Home By Andy Rintaro Fukada I love [...]

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Making It All Fit – What Would Zoo Do?

One of the old adages spoken about school subjects by lazy school kids who didn’t want to do their homework was “how is this going to help me in real life?” The G4 project, an important part of the IB curriculum, is the perfect response demonstrating how four key subjects fit together and can be [...]

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